Peep it. Have you heard of the Game DOOM? This game made first person shooters popular. Read the “Press release” and answer the questions in in the form below.A press release is what is used to announce to news agencies events and even product releases. These help the news get organized faster and help spread the word faster instead of waiting for the news to search for your news event, Press releases help get your story media coverage.

Read the article below…PLAY THE GAME and Click on the picture of DOOM to answer questions.


Id Software
1515 N. Town East Blvd. #138-297, Mesquite, TX  75150

Contact:        Jay Wilbur
FAX:            1-214-686-9288
Email: (NeXTMail O.K.)
Anonymous FTP: (/pub/msdos/games/id)
CIS:            72600,1333

Id Software to Unleash DOOM on the PC

Revolutionary Programming and Advanced Design Make For Great

DALLAS, Texas, January 1, 1993-Heralding another technical
revolution in PC programming, Id Software's DOOM promises to
push back the boundaries of what was thought possible on a 386sx
or better computer.  The company plans to release DOOM for the
PC in the third quarter of 1993, with versions planned for
Windows, Windows NT, and a version for the NeXTall to be
released later.

In DOOM, you play one of four off-duty soldiers suddenly thrown
into the middle of an interdimensional war!  Stationed at a
scientific research facility, your days are filled with tedium
and paperwork.  Today is a bit different.  Wave after wave of
demonic creatures are spreading through the base, killing or
possessing everyone in sight.  As you stand knee-deep in the
dead, your duty seems clear-you must eradicate the enemy and
find out where they're coming from.  When you find out the
truth, your sense of reality may be shattered!

The first episode of DOOM will be shareware.  When you register,
you'll receive the next two episodes, which feature a journey
into another dimension, filled to its hellish horizon with fire
and flesh.  Wage war against the infernal onslaught with machine
guns, missile launchers, and mysterious supernatural weapons.
Decide the fate of two universes as you battle to survive!
Succeed and you will be humanity's heroes; fail and you will
spell its doom.

The game takes up to four players through a futuristic world,
where they may cooperate or compete to beat the invading
creatures.  It boasts a much more active environment than Id's
previous effort, Wolfenstein 3-D, while retaining the
pulse-pounding action and excitement.  DOOM features a fantastic
fully texture-mapped environment, a host of technical tour de
forces to surprise the eyes, multiple player option, and smooth
gameplay on any 386 or better.

John Carmack, Id's Technical Director, is very excited about
DOOM: Wolfenstein is primitive compared to DOOM.  We're doing
DOOM the right way this time.   I've had some very good insights
and optimizations that will make the DOOM engine perform at a
great frame rate.  The game runs fine on a 386sx, and on a
486/33, we're talking 35 frames per second, fully texture-mapped
at normal detail, for a large area of the screen.  That's the
fastest texture-mapping around-period.

Texture mapping, for those not following the game magazines, is
a technique that allows the program to place fully-drawn art on
the walls of a 3-D maze.  Combined with other techniques,
texture mapping looked realistic enough in Wolfenstein 3-D that
people wrote Id complaining of motion sickness.  In DOOM, the
environment is going to look even more realistic.  Please make
the necessary preparations.

A Convenient DOOM Blurb

DOOM (Requires 386sx, VGA, 2 Meg) Id Software's DOOM is
real-time, three-dimensional, 256-color, fully texture-mapped,
multi-player battle from the safe shores of our universe into
the horrifying depths of the netherworld!    Choose one of four
characters and you're off to war with hideous hellish hulks bent
on chaos and death!  See your friends bite it!  Cause your
friends to bite it!  Bite it yourself!  And if you won't bite
it, there are plenty of demonic denizens to bite it for you!

DOOM-where the sanest place is behind a trigger.

An Overview of DOOM Features:

        Texture-Mapped Environment

DOOM offers the most realistic environment to date on the PC.
Texture-mapping, the process of rendering fully-drawn art and
scanned textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings of an
environment, makes the world much more real, thus bringing the
player more into the game experience.  Others have attempted
this, but DOOM's texture mapping is fast, accurate, and
seamless.  Texture-mapping the floors and ceilings is a big
improvement over Wolfenstein.  With their new advanced graphic
development techniques, allowing game art to be generated five
times faster, Id brings new meaning to "state-of-the-art".

        Non-Orthogonal Walls

Wolfenstein's walls were always at ninety degrees to each other,
and were always eight feet thick.  DOOM's walls can be at any
angle, and be of any thickness.  Walls can have see-through
areas, change shape, and animate.  This allows more natural
construction of levels.  If you can draw it on paper, you can
see it in the game.

        Light Diminishing/Light Sourcing

Another touch adding realism is light diminishing.  With
distance, your surroundings become enshrouded in darkness.  This
makes areas seem huge and intensifies the experience.  Light
sourcing allows lamps and lights to illuminate hallways,
explosions to light up areas, and strobe lights to briefly
reveal things near them.  These two features will make the game
frighteningly real.

        Variable Height Floors and Ceilings

Floors and ceilings can be of any height, allowing for  stairs,
poles, altars, plus low hallways and high caves-allowing a great
variety for rooms and halls.

        Environment Animation and Morphing

Walls can move and transform in DOOM, which provides an
active-and sometimes actively hostile-environment.  Rooms can
close in on you, ceilings can plunge down to crush you, and so
on.  Nothing is for certain in DOOM.

To this Id has added the ability to have animated messages on
the walls, information terminals, access stations, and more.
The environment can act on you, and you can act on the
environment.  If you shoot the walls, they get damaged, and stay
damaged.  Not only does this add realism, but provides a crude
method for marking your path, like violent bread crumbs.

        Palette Translation

Each creature and wall has its own palette which is translated
to the game's palette.  By changing palette colors, one can have
monsters of many colors, players with different weapons,
animating lights, infrared sensors that show monsters or hidden
exits, and many other effects, like indicating monster damage.

        Multiple Players

Up to four players can play over a local network, or two players
can play by modem or serial link.  You can see the other player
in the environment, and in certain situations you can switch to
their view.  This feature, added to the 3-D realism, makes DOOM
a very powerful cooperative game and its release a landmark
event in the software industry.

This is the first game to really exploit the power of LANs and
modems to their full potential.  In 1993, we fully expect to be
the number one cause of decreased productivity in businesses
around the world.

        Smooth, Seamless Gameplay

The environment in DOOM is frightening, but the player can be at
ease when playing.  Much effort has been spent on the
development end to provide the smoothest control on the user
end.  And the frame rate (the rate at which the screen is
updated) is high, so you move smoothly from room to room,
turning and acting as you wish, unhampered by the slow jerky
motion of most 3-D games.  On a 386sx, the game runs well, and
on a 486/33, the normal mode frame rate is faster than movies or
television.  This allows for the most important and enjoyable
aspect of gameplay-immersion.

        An Open Game

When our last hit, WOLFENSTEIN 3D was released the public
responded with an almost immediate  deluge of home-brewed
utilities; map editors, sound editors,  trainers, etc.  All
without any help on file formats or game layout from Id
Software.  DOOM will be release as an OPEN GAME.   We will
provide file formats and technical notes for anyone who wants
them.   People will be able to easily write and share anything
from their own map editors to  communications and network

DOOM will be available in the third quarter of 1993.

DOOM, Id, and Wolfenstein are trademarks of Id Software, Inc.

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AME Media Design ARTSAME Media Design ARTSA2.0Students understand the key technical and technological requirements applicable to various segments of the Media and Design Arts Pathway:standardA2.1Analyze the way in which technical design (e.g., color theory, lighting, graphics, typography, posters, sound, costumes, makeup) contributes to a performance or presentation.

AME Media Design ARTS
Students understand the key technical and technological requirements applicable to various segments of the Media and Design Arts Pathway:
Analyze the way in which technical design (e.g., color theory, lighting, graphics, typography, posters, sound, costumes, makeup) contributes to a performance or presentation.
AME Media Design ARTS A2.0Students understand the key technical and technological requirements applicable to various segments of the Media and Design Arts Pathway:standard A2.1Analyze the way in which technical design (e.g., color theory, lighting, graphics, typography, posters, sound, costumes, makeup) contributes to a performance or presentation.

Halo just wouldn’t be Halo without its music.

The exhilarating yet ancient feel to the musical score has come to define the Halo experience in many ways—people recognize Halo by its iconic music. In addition, Bungie’s games feature seamlessly integrated musical experiences that are both dynamic and respond to the player’s gameplay choices. The Bungie audio team, helmed by Marty “The Elder” O’Donnell, is always working hard to bring the best game experience to you. The team handles all audio in the games. If you hear something coming out of your speakers, it came from this team. Before we dive in, here’s a brief history of the music magic.

In 1997, Marty O’Donnell’s company, Total Audio, was contracted by Bungie to produce all of the audio for Myth: The Fallen Lords. Bungie cherished the work done by Total Audio and brought them on for the sequel called Myth II: Soulblighter. Shortly after, work began on what was to be Halo: Combat Evolved. Marty was the obvious choice for the game’s audio, and he was once again contracted to work on the music for the Halo demo at MacWorld 1999. After discussing the feel of the music with Joseph Staten, Marty finished his necessary recordings mere hours before the start of the presentation. The result, however, was spectacular. Halo captured the audience’s attention and emotions. In May 2000, Marty was hired as a full-time employee. Just ten days after his hire, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, and the developer made the move from Chicago to the suburbs of Seattle. Marty then had the opportunity to work on the music and audio for Halo in its entirety.

Since those early years, the Bungie audio team has grown. Currently the team is comprised of Marty, his writing partner and co-founder of Total Audio, Michael Salvatori, Jay Weinland, C. Paul Johnson, and Mat Noguchi. The team does a large portion of their work out of the “Ivory Tower”, Bungie’s internal sound recording and engineering studio. Currently, the team is hard at work on the audio and sound design of Halo 3: ODST, as time approaches the game’s September 22, 2009 release date.

The music of Halo is evocative and inspiring. It is both dynamic and interactive. The music of Halo is designed so that the player feels that their personal game experience was scored. They should never be aware of what they did to cause it to be scored. The music is Marty and Michael’s gig. Marty frequently closes the door and works on new compositions using the piano. He plays until he hears something that sounds exciting and gives him a “cool feeling”, and then he works in that direction.

Before the music comes out of the speakers, though, it goes through a complex mixing and layering engine that outputs the characteristic Halo music we have all come to love. By introducing different types of music based on certain triggers, the music has a very natural progression that results in its grandiose, cinematic sound. Marty calls some of his different music pieces glue (ambient), stingers, and percussive (more active, building excitement) pieces. They work in tandem to give the player a unique total audio experience that is always engaging and changing.

Beyond just the music, the audio team is also responsible for all of the in-game sound effects and dialogue. C. Paul and Jay create all of the sound effects from weapon sounds to the familiar sounds of the vehicles in the games. Additionally, all of the ambient noises and sounds are very carefully and intentionally created. The team uses a suite of internal tools to create and tweak sounds just the way they need them. Often the audio team will spend hours making the smallest changes to a sound so that it conveys the right message and emotion. For some sounds, the team will find what they are looking for online. For others, they leave the secure confines of Bungie Studios to seek out interesting and unique sounds that can be found throughout the outdoors and elsewhere.

As for dialogue, Bungie games contain two types: in-game and cinematic. Both, however, are recorded similarly. The “Ivory Tower” has many features, including a recording studio. This allows the audio team great flexibility in regards to the dialogue recording process. Bungie invites their voice actors to come to the studio for their voice recording session. Marty directs them, and sometimes Joseph Staten, Bungie’s Writing Director, sits in on the recording sessions as an advisor. There are also situations when dialogue is needed, but for various reasons it has yet to be recorded. In those situations, an audio team member jumps in and records placeholder dialogue. This dialogue can then be used as a substitute in the current game build until the final version is recorded and edited properly.

All three Halo games have included an ever-staggering amount of dialogue. Halo featured over 8,000 lines of dialogue. Halo 2 featured over 21,000. Halo 3 featured almost 40,000 lines. With each game release, the audio team outdoes themselves. If you’re curious which voice actor voiced each character, check out HBO’s Voice page!

The Halo soundtracks have become the best-selling game soundtracks ever released. The Halo Original Soundtrack was released on June 11, 2002 to critical acclaim. It featured all 26 tracks with a full range of musical styles. The Halo 2 Original Soundtrack Volume 1 launched into retailers a little over two years later, on November 9, 2004. This 21 piece volume not only contained musical pieces arranged by Marty and Michael, but also featured several “inspired by” tracks from bands like Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, and Hoobastank. Volume 2 wasn’t released until April 25, 2006 due to legal issues. Despite its late entry, this 30 piece volume boasted an even stronger set of the game’s musical pieces, led by its twelve epic suites. Together, the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack volumes were well received, going on to sell very well. The Halo 3 Original Soundtrack was released on November 20, 2007. This two-disc package included twelve suites totaling 32 pieces (including a bonus fan-made song called “LvUrFR3NZ”). The Halo 3 Original Soundtrack received high marks and many awards.

In addition to being well received, the Halo soundtracks have been featured many times on Video Games Live and PLAY! A Video Game Symphony concert tours. The music even opened for the 2008 Game Developers Conference and London Games Festival.

Each Halo soundtrack has been produced by Nile Rodgers under the label Sumthing Digital.

Are you looking to buy the soundtracks? Be sure to hit up Sumthing Digital’s site.

Additionally, stop by the official Halo 3 Original Soundtrack site,, for loads of info on Bungie’s most recent Halo game soundtrack!

Also, be sure to check out the two tracks that Marty’s released for free:

Halo 3 E3 2007 Trailer track

Halo 3: ODST Announcement Trailer track

Many fans have taken it upon themselves to not only transcribe the Halo score, but to write their own Halo-inspired music. The largest collection of fan-transcribed Halo sheet music can be found at Additionally, many fans are interested in purchasing the official sheet music. A great resource for purchases is either or

Halo-inspired music can be found across the interwebs. There is a small selection that can be found here at HBO.

Marty O’Donnell

Marty O'Donnell

Marty is currently both the Audio Director and Composer for all Bungie projects. Marty received a Masters of Music Composition degree with honors from USC. He started a new company called Total Audio with his long-time friend and writing partner Michael Salvatori. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Marty’s company produced countless jingles and scores for TV, radio, and film. He began his work with Bungie in 1997 when his company was contracted to work on Myth: The Fallen Lords. During his tenure at Bungie, Marty has worked on Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Oni, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. He is one of the longest employed staff members of Bungie, hence his name “The Elder”. Marty is also very good at pushing the coffee cup around, or so say his coworkers.

Marty’s wife, Marcie, received a Masters in Choral Conducting. She both conducted and sang in the choir during Halo 2’s production and continues to assist her husband with his audio work as best as she can.

Besides work, Marty has a great passion for the piano, an instrument he learned to play as a child. He frequently will work out new compositions on the piano and then transpose parts for the rest of the orchestra. He has been married to his wife, Marcie, for a very long time. He also has two daughters named Alison and Christine.

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Join Marty’s official fan site, The Marty Army!

Follow Marty on Twitter!

Marty’s ultimate website,!

Want to know what Marty does in a given day? Hit the jump!

Discover the “origin” of Marty!

Michael Salvatori

Michael Salvatori

Michael currently assists Bungie as both an Audio Engineer and Composer. Michael and Marty are longtime friends. Together they founded Total Audio (see Marty’s section for more information), for which they are both still co-owners of. Marty currently works for Bungie while Michael oversees the business side of Total Audio. Michael also collaborates with Marty on his compositions and ongoing audio work for Bungie projects. Michael has helped to engineer, produce, and compose significant parts of the Halo audio experience. Often the two will bounce ideas off of each other, resulting in an even better final product!

More recently Michael worked on the game music for “Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse” and “Hail to the Chimp”. Outside of work, Michael lives with his wife in Chicago. He also has four daughters.

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Check out Michael’s bio on!

Learn more about Michael by visiting his Wikipedia page!

Jay Weinland

Jay Weinland

Jay is currently the Audio Lead and a Sound Designer for all Bungie projects. Jay spent five years studying at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio before going on to teach high school orchestra for 5 years. He then switched to audio in the video game industry beginning in the 90’s, and has remained there since. Jay is often known as the “Man behind the Man” and frequently jokes around with his coworker and boss, Marty. Jay is a science fiction and sports aficionado in addition to his love of beer (“insanely hoppy variety”), peppered beef jerky, and Jolly Ranchers.

Jay lives in the Seattle area with his wife, actress Heather Hawkins, and his two children, Duncan and Tessa.

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Check out Jay’s bio on!

Learn more about Jay by visiting his Halopedia or Bungiepedia pages!

C. Paul Johnson

C. Paul Johnson

C. Paul is currently a Sound Designer for all Bungie projects. C. Paul is a Sound Synthesist major from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He joined the audio team in 2004 after his internship under Marty. He works closely with Jay on the sound design and audio of Bungie’s games. Marty has also mentioned C. Paul’s natural curiosity and skill in recording sound effects from all over—whether he finds them indoors, outdoors, daytime or night. For example, remember that satisfyingly squishy yet crunchy sound you hear every time your head gets impaled by a sniper round in Halo 3? You can thank C. Paul for putting in the hours and recording the fateful hammer-on-cabbage action.

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Check out C. Paul’s bio at!

Learn more about C. Paul by visiting his Halopedia page!

Mat Noguchi

Mat Noguchi

Mat is currently a Senior Programmer. He assists the audio team as an Audio Programmer. Mat started his programming career as a developer on Microsoft’s Visual Studio. After being underworked for six months, Mat made the switch from “an uninspiring job” at Microsoft to Bungie in December 2000 and has loved it since. As an Audio Programmer, Mat is responsible for helping the audio team to develop and utilize its sounds effects and design tools. In other words, Mat designs news things for the audio team to use in the sound engine. Mat was vital in making the interactive, dynamic audio that Bungie’s games feature a reality. His coworkers have given him the endearing nickname “Gooch”.

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AME CTE  Standard-Foundation standard Ethics and Responsibility……ELA- 11-12

These kids walked from Florida to Washington DC these were the kids Mr. Cisneros went ot go link up with, they walked over 1000 miles to get media attention for the dream act a bill that promises to assist over2 million youth that are undocumented in this country……….. read the article below and in the comments write minimum 3 sentences on what you think about the trail of dreams kids meeting  at the Whitehouse…….

White House to Consider Ending Deportations ofDREAM Act Students

Trail of DREAMs students presented over 40 thousand petitions to the White House asking President Obama to stop dividing families

Washington, DC – Yesterday, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor for President Barack Obama, met with four immigrant students who walked 1,500 miles from Miami, Florida to Washington, DC to call for an end to the deportation of students qualifying for the DREAM Act.  Armed with more than 40,000 petition signatures gathered in the course of their 4 month journey, the students stressed to Ms. Jarrett the urgent need for President Obama to issue an executive order that would immediately stop detentions and deportations of undocumented students like them. The students also stated their support for the letter sent to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano from Republican Senator Richard Lugar and Democrat Senator Dick Durbin. The letter dated April 21, 2010 seeks to grant deferred action to undocumented students like the Trail ofDREAMs walkers.  Ms. Jarrett responded, “We will look with our lawyers into the possibility of an executive order and will give you an answer when you get back to DC.”

At the meeting, which also included Cecilia Muñoz, White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, the students explained how the current broken immigration system has had devastating effects in the lives of many, including the Trail of DREAMs walkers: most of Juan’s family has been deported, Carlos has had to live as an undocumented person for more than 20 years and Gaby’s entire family has been placed in deportation proceedings. “My father has been undocumented in this country for two decades simply because his father – a U.S. Citizen – died during the petition process,” said Carlos Roa from the Trail of DREAMs. “Now left with no pathway to legalization and no way to renew the valid U.S. driver’s license he held for 17 years, my father is forced to travel on foot as a result of the failed U.S. immigration system and could be considered a criminal if he dares to drive without a license.”

The immigrant students from the Trail of DREAMs, Gaby Pacheco, 25; Carlos Roa, 22; Felipe Matos, 24; and Juan Rodriguez, 20, left Miami on January 1, 2010 and arrived to Washington, DC on April 28. For the past weeks, they have been trying to obtain a meeting with President Obama and decided to meet with Ms. Valerie Jarrett to insist in their request of meeting with the President ofthe only nation they know as home, the United States.

Throughout their recent stay in the nation’s capital, the immigrant students met with very diverse groups of people and organizations, including Congressional officials, celebrities such as Emilio Estefan, civil, faith and human rights leaders and foreign government officials. “Our message was simple, we are not criminals. Stop dividing our families through deportations,” said Felipe Matos from the Trail of DREAMs.

The immigrant students are now heading back to Florida to plan the next steps of their national youth campaign. “Our list of youth organizers grows by the minute from each corner of our nation,” explained Gaby Pacheco from the Trail of DREAMs. “We are organizing in key states and we will continue to educate people about our contributions until we stop having to watch students like us get deported because of broken and bad policy.”

For more information about the Trail of DREAMs, please visit


Natali del Carmen Fani

The Matea Group, LLC

Office: 202.787.1813

Mobile: 301.442.8459

Your last chance to win 100.00…….or see some of our senior slam poets…………to enter just show up with two original poems ready to perform them with no props under 3 minutes…..

An estimated 50,000 people crammed into downtown Los Angeles Saturday to protest Arizona’s new immigration law. About 1,000 arrived in a caravan of buses from the Coachella Valley.

The crowd was so thick it took nearly three hours to walk 10 city blocks.

Coachella Valley residents take part in L.A. immigration march (02:13)

Hooray Roy is gone! Hooray we get to do work in the ROP handbook.

Complete pages 18 and 19

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Turn them into the work drawer on a seperate sheet of paper.


1st and 2nd period complete the Winter ball page!

3rd and 4th period email me 1 wide shot 1 medium shot and 1 tight shot from your group      @

Peep it. As a CTE Career Tech class part of our mission is to give you job finding skills. A resume is like an application that you send out instead of waiting to fill out.  This “application” has to tell employers what you know how to do.  Download the file below and complete pages 4 and 7. READ 1-8 to help you complete these pages……… Use a seperate sheet of paper and turn them into the work drawer……..


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